Knuckles, Elbows, Knees, Legs, And Feet Could Likewise Be Used.

For self back care, lie down on a number of tennis balls incorporated a sock. L14 can be located on the hand between the thumb as well as the forefinger. 25 To boost this location, use pressure on the webbing between your index finger and also thumb. On the other hand, many Western professionals see the acupuncture factors as places to stimulate nerves, muscles as well as connective tissue. The factors are where vital force gets blocked on the meridians, and also where you can most efficiently launch the resulting stress, feeling numb, or pain. That’s why an expert may use stress to an acupressure point in the foot to alleviate a frustration.


Gallbladder 21 GB21, also called Jan Jung, is typically used to treat discomfort, neck stiffness, shoulder stress, as well as headaches. Equally unfavourable thoughts can block your power flow, positive thoughts can raise your recovery power. Any type of restricting clothes, like belts, tight knickers, or perhaps footwear, could obstruct the blood circulation. Knuckles, elbows, knees, legs, and feet could likewise be used. 13 The canter finger is the most effective for using stress to the pressure factors.